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Children are endangered by Disney Corporation’s new contract with Sprint July 26, 2006

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  1. Disney Corporation 5 years ago turned down 2 mil per year licensing fee for use of Disney Characters … just signed a 2 billion contract with Sprint


1. cellphonesafety - July 26, 2006

“Today, the Disney Corporation launched its new mobile phone program. Under this program, Disney is the seller of both the phone and the air time. It is noteworthy that there are no special safety features on the phone even as emerging medical data indicate a serious health risk to children and young people who use phones without protection. We urge you to boycott this program and to write to the Disney Corporation demanding that these phones include all available safety technologies. The new Disney mobile phone program, as it is now configured, represents an unmitigated danger to children and teenagers. Address: The Walt Disney Company, 500 South Buena Vista Street, Burbank, CA 91521”

— Safe Wireless Initiative, Washington, D.C., July 5, 2006.

2. David Haynes - January 25, 2008

Why does the Disney Corporation continue to do any business with Yahoo! Inc, when the Yahoo employees continue to allow and approve certain types of lewd and objectible materials on their internet sites?

Material that is easily accessible by children as young as 13 years of age, able to gain entry into adult type sites that show pornography and most recently beastiality photos. The Yahoo staff didn’t even bother to screen such sick photos before posting them on their Yahoo sites, even though Yahoo constantly claims that their internet sites are “family-oriented”!

Would you want your small children or even your teenagers to be able to surf the Yahoo internet sites and be able to gain access into sites on the Yahoo network that clearly show such sick photo’s?

Why does the Disney Corporation continue to post their ads on the Yahoo sites when such photo’s are posted on the same sites as those being used to place the Disney ads on?

Has our society reduced itself to such a low level in order to make money?

Disney has always been very careful where they posted their ads, especially on the internet, a site that is openly viewed by over 70 million people, daily and of that 70 million people, how many are children under the ages of 15?

And what is really bad about this, other than the sick photo’s posted on the Yahoo internet sites, is that the President of Yahoo! Inc., Ms. Susan Decker is also one of the Disney Directors!

I wonder if she knows what goes on with her own company’s internet sites or she is being kept in the dark by the management.

Once I saw such sick and disgusting photos being allowed to be posted on the Yahoo internet sites, I decided to take action and I printed these photo’s onto my printer to use as proof. When I went back to the site later on that day to see what else was posted on the sites, I discovered that the Yahoo staff had deleted the site from the internet. This strikes me as odd since they had to approve these photo’s in the first place in order for them to be posted, and yet when someone prints them, they immediately decide that they should delete them. What are they trying to hide? What else is there on their internet sites that we don’t know about?

I am contacting the Disney Corporation about these sick photo’s because I have always believed that Walt Disney would never allow such things to be associated with his company, and if he were to find out about this, I would bet that he would roll over in his grave.

Maybe the Disney Corporation has lowered their standards since Walt Disney passed away, and such internet sites that clearly show such sick photos is allowed, as long as the money continues to roll in.

I have considered contacting the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding these photo’s, but before I can mail them, I need to know ahead of time what the laws are regarding sending such photo’s through the US Mails. I don’t want to break any US Postal Laws by sending them to the FBI, so I am waiting now for their reply on the proceedures I need to take ahead of time before mailing them.

Thank you,

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